Prices and Hours

MAY HOURS:  10am to DUSK –  DAILEY – WEATHER PERMITTING please call if weather is questionable.         

JUNE, JULY & AUGUST HOURS:  10am to 9pm – Light are on for Evening Practice!     

In Honor of Mothers on Mother’s Day weekend May 7th & 8th – Mom’s PLAY MINIATURE GOLF FOR FREE.

Dailey Hours 10:00am to Dusk – April and May Weather Permitting                                                                           Dailey Hours 10:00am to 9pm –  June, July and August weather permitting 

Dailey Hours 10:00am to Dusk – September and October weather permitting.                                                                  November, December, January, February & March – Self serve Golf Ball Dispenser is available. 

Several times we have submitted changes to Google to pose our Hours correctly, sorry for the misinformation.

Masks are NOT required on the range or while playing Mini Golf.

We offer tokens to purchase balls at the golf range. Our tokens provide you a basket of approximately 30 balls each. You can start with 1 token for a warm-up size basket and go up to multiple tokens for family size basket. We offer club rental (cost is $1.) for people that do not have golf clubs.

1 Token Buys Approximately 30 Balls

Tokens Price Per Token Cost
1 $5.00 $5.00
2 $7.50 $3.75
3 $10.00 $3.33
4 $13.00 $3.25
5 $14.50 $2.90
6 $17.25 $2.87
7 $20.00 $2.85
20 $50.00 $2.50

Club Rental…………………………… $1.00